Senior software engineer, expert in the analysis, design and development of open source web-based information systems. Strong experience in Web 2.0 technologies for the management, manipulation and dissemination of statistical data and micro-data. Excellent problem solving skills, enjoy working as a team member as well as independently.


Work Experience

(2018 - Present)

Senior developer for the Flatmates team.

REA Group
(2016 - 2018)

Software developer for Products and Purchasing teams.

Senior software engineer responsible for the design and development of web tools capable of managing, manipulating and disseminating big data in the field of agriculture and food security.

Part of the team responsible for the analysis of the users' requirements and the production of the technical specifications of the web service for the development team.

Developer of a MATLAB software for the computation of the parameters for the SAR image acquisition of the COSMO-SkyMed satellites.

Relevant Projects

(FAO, Rome, Italy)

Responsible for the design and the implementation of a new architecture based on web services for the back-end and JavaScript widgets for the front-end. The resulting version 3 of FAOSTAT is faster and more user friendly compared to the previous versions, and it has been visited by more than 2.6 million users since its launch in May 2012.

Green House Gases Database
(FAO, Rome, Italy)

Responsible for the integration of the GHG database with the FAOSTAT dissemination system and for the design and implementation of custom GHG features within FAOSTAT. The implemented FAOSTAT-GHG integration is widely used worldwide as a data source for working papers and articles aimed at the mitigation of climate change in agriculture.

(FAO, Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Responsible for the design and the development of web tools used to collect and disseminate, through the institutional web site, food security related data. The system is still in place and it generates and publishes charts of market price trends for the main commodities every day. As part of my duties, I also recruited and supervised a local software developer.

(FAO, Khartoum, Sudan / Juba, South Sudan)

Responsible for the development of web based tools designed in collaboration with the local institutions and ministries for the management, visualization and analysis of statistical data. In 2009 and 2010 I have organised and lead two training workshops in Khartoum and Juba assisting local staff in the use of these tools to improve their work. These activities lead to the collection of better quality data, and it provided the tools to effectively share such information.

FENIX Platform
(FAO, Rome, Italy)

As part of the core team of the project I am responsible for the analysis, the design and the development of the main components of the system. Such components need to be engineered to be as generic and performant as possible, in order to be able to serve a diverse audience of users. The FENIX Platform is currently used as the engine for some of the flagship information systems of the organization, such as FAOSTAT, CountrySTAT, ADAM and AMIS.

(Accenture, Rome, Italy)

During my very first working experience I have been part of the team in charge of the analysis of customer requirements and the consequent production of the technical specifications for the developers team. I have worked on releases two and three of the Sunrise project, which provides the backend for the internet services of the main Italian telephone company, which has also been exported to Germany, France and the Czech Republic.


M.Sc. Computer Science Engineering

B.Sc. Telecommunications Engineering



Instituto Português Santo Antonio em Rome

Certified Scrum Master

Technical Skills

Scrum, XP

Programming Languages
​Java, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Scala, Elm

Operative Systems
Windows, Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Red Hat, OSX

PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB

Application Servers
​Apache, Tomcat, Nginx



Amazon Web Services
CloudFormation, Lambda, CloudWatch, SNS, SQS




Honours and Awards

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Republic of China (Taiwan)
Taiwan “Huayu Enrichment” Scholarship Winner

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